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One of best and most rated American drama series “The Walking Dead”. This TV series not an ordinary TV series instead it is a very interesting horror TV series. Before starting of with the main topic that is season 7 of the walking dead, we will firstly tell you about the walking dead itself.

As we mentioned earlier in the article that the walking dead is an American TV series in horror genre. This TV series was based on the idea of a comic book series, which was released by the name the walking dead also.

The drama started from the leading character of the drama that is Rick Grimes, he was a sherrif who awakens from coma after been shot by gun. After totally recovering he saw that the whole world is overrun by the zombies or the Walkers. Afterwards he finally met his family and made a group of people, and become the leader of that group named survivors. They all struggled alot in order to be safe from both the walkers or zombies and other survivors who were even more dangerous then walkers.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Online

This TV series was officially premiered in the united states of America on 31 October 2010. It consists of total 7 seasons which contains many episodes each. But today we will be talking about season no 7, this season is currently in progress and from here the series is going alot more interesting.

The season seven was released in n October 23, 2016 and was premiered too on television. Like, all the seasons before this season will also contain 16 episodes in total and out of the total 16, 8 are already released and the fans of the walking dead can expect the rest 8 episodes in or after February 2017.

This season has been directed in Georgia and it’s shooting took place in may 2016. The episodes of season 7 are also about 42-43 minutes long, but due to addition of some extended episodes. Now the episodes are almost 46 to 62 minutes long.


The Walking Dead Season 7 Episodes

Name of the first episode of season 7 is ” The day will come when you won’t be”, but according to some rating websites and the reviewers this episode was like by the audience because of the violence in the episodes itself. As the first episode was not good, similarly the rest sic episodes or the half of the series seven haven’t got good reviews because of the violence which was shown in all of the episodes which are out. The following are the lines said by the executive producer Ned gale Anne Hurd, ‘this ain’t a show that’s torture porn.”

Coming to the brief summary of each and every episode

Episode 1

NAME- The Day will Come When You Won’t Be

Director- Greg Nicotero

Released- October 23, 2016

Negan was the killer of Abraham, Abraham was was beaten and died in front of Rick’s survivor group. Now Daryl is angry at negan because Rosita wanted began to kill Glenn also.¬† Afterwards negan wanted to test Rick’s by forcing him to hacks Carl’s arm but he stopped him immediately he saw Rick’s broken spirit from his eyes. After this scene, negan along with his crew left with Daryl as a hostage.


Episode 2

Name- The Well

Director- Greg Nicotero

Released- 30 October,2016

Later on Carol and Morgan arrive at the kingdom, the kingdom was a well established community which was running by flamboyant former zookeeper. The kingdom was like a hilltop which was acting like saviour helping them under violence, though zookeeper kept all the arrangements secret from most of the people living in the kingdom. Carol wants to abandon the society, also was very eager to do, when she was bonded with king of the kingdom she decided  to stay in house that was totally isolated but was nearby to the kingdom.


Episode 3

NAME- The cell

Director- Alrick Riley

Released- November 6, 2016

Negan and Dwight locked Daryl in a cell at sanctuary where they used to torture him in order to break him down followed by a rule. After this negan sent Dwight on a mission in which he have to retrieve a savior, the Savior himself said that he wanted to die instead of coming to the sanctuary, so Dwight killed him too. Negan offered Daryl to become a savior, but Daryl refused to negan, and he was again sent to the isolated cell where he was tortured by them.


Episode 4

Director- David Boyd

Released- November 13, 2016

All the survivors were struggling after the rules that were made by negan. Negan ordered the saviors to come along with him and after going with him they reached at Alexandria for the first time. There they all took the important things such as food, arms, medicine etc. Rick was totally powerless and now he told all the survivors that he is not longer the leader of the group, so you must follow the rules and regulations made by negan.


Episode 5- Go Getters

Director- Darnell Martin

Released- November 20, 2016

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