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Everyone have must watch a TV series once in his/her life which they like the most, and they wanted to watch that again and again because they like it way too much. Today we will be talking about the walking dead, an american TV drama that became very popular worldwide, not only on television but also online and Blu-rays and many other formats. This TV series was released on October 31, 2010 and is still present with lots of seasons, we gonna talk about all the seasons but before that we will check all the things of this television drama series. The walking dead is mainly an American drama TV series which was developed by Frank Darabont, and this tv series got its name from a comic book series of similar name that the walking dead.



The series starts from its very first season in which a police officer named Rick Grimes, he was the one who gets shot in the line of duty and after he gets shot, he was in coma for a long period of time and when he finally awakens from coma, he finds that the world is dominated by the walkers or the walking dead. After this he tries to find his family and after finding the family, he made a team with some survivors to finish the walkers. Also, he was the leader of the group in which they united to finish the walkers or the walking dead.



They all stood up together and survive not only against the walkers but also against other survivors, they were more dangerous than the walkers, so it was very challenging for them to survive in a world filled with walkers and other survivors. The direction of the series happened to be in Atlanta, Georgia in starting seasons but later the TV series was also shooted in other parts such as Alexandria, Virginia etc.


The walking dead was officially released on 31 October 2010, and was exclusively for television.  According to a survey the people who used to watch this TV series on television were usually of age group 18-49 years. The latest season of the walking dead is season 7, which was released in October 2016 and the fans of the walking dead can expect the eighth season in late 2017.


The reviews of the whole series was very good and was reviewed by famous reviewers. Also, the series was nominated for few awards.


Overview of the The Walking Dead Series

This series starts up in the world full of zombies that are destroying the human world. Those zombies are known as walkers, they used to eat humans and all other creatures living on the earth as they were attracted to noises that were usually of gunshots, crying, laughing etc. And whenever those walkers even bite humans, the humans to transform into walkers after a small period. If someone wants to kill those walkers they can do by damaging its brain or by destroying there full body.


The series of walking dead consists of seven seasons as per now, but the fans can expect a new episode by later 2017.


The Walking Dead Season 1

The deputy police commissioner named Rick Grimes wakes up after being shot by a gun, he was in coma for a long period of time. Hopefully he survived. When he came out of the hospital, he came to know that the world is now full of walkers or the zombies, and they are almost everywhere on the planet. Rick tries to find his family and finally ended up with finding a man who tells him everything, and he also came to know that his son and wife that is Carl and Lori have fled to Atlanta, as that was the center for controlling the disease due to which the world was full of walkers. He armed himself and made a group of survivors in order to meet his family.


His family was only surviving because Rick’s best friend helped them. When Rick finally arrived at Atlanta, he finds that Atlanta was too overrun by those walkers. He was finally reunited with his family ( wife and two sons). Rick became the leader of the group of survivors. And they finally controlled the attack that was made by walkers, later they flew to CDC, where they find a doctor who knows much about the pathology of the virus and unfortunately but has not cure. Episode one was with almost six episodes. The series is very interesting, so if you want to watch please do watch.


The Walking Dead Season 2

The CDC building was set on fire by those walkers but they made efforts and finally able to escape the building, and they planned to visit the nearest military base where too the walkers attacked and due to fear Carol’s daughter ran away in the deep forest and then the group of survivors started finding her. After this lots of incident happened in the series like they move to Hershel”s farm where the group stayed but Hershel himself don’t want they to stay in his farm and what they find is that Lori is pregnant, but they were not sure that father will be Rick or Shane. They continue to find Carol’s daughter ( Sophie), they find the barn is filled with walkers. After searching they found Sophie but she became a walker itself, so Rick decided to shoot in her head and he performed that too. This season has thirteen episodes in total.


The Walking Dead Season 3

They spend few months in the herd and the survivors were successful in making a new home in a prison but that prison was infested with walkers all over. When they try to clear the prison from walkers, Maggie was forced to perform a caesarean operation in order to save Lori’s baby. Then they found a governor who used to rule a town named Woodbury. Rick returned to his hometown in order to gather some arms and weapons. This season was launched with a total number of 16 episodes, these episodes were liked by the people as they were interesting.


The Walking Dead Season 4

The community that was staying in the prison clashed with a deadly infection that was continuously spreading among the population of the prison and this infection was not only infecting the people but also was killing people too. The people who were dying because of the infection was reanimated as the deadly walkers. The governor of Woodbury successfully encounters the chambler family, And they all together joined another group of survivors that was led by Martinez. The governor tried to kill Martinez and successfully killed him in order to become the leader of the survivor group. Rick offered the governor to share the prison, but the governor refused to the offer and executed Hershel. Only, after this incident happened, the governor was killed but the group that was lead by Rick start scattering. Due to the scattering the main group was separated into few small groups. This season was with 16 episodes.


The Walking Dead Season 5

The Group that was lead by Rick learner that the residents of terminus were engage in cannibalism. Carol used arms and weapons in order to kill walkers so that other could escape. The group reunited and started moving toward Washington DC and this group was lead by Aaron, who offered them shelter at the safe zone named Alexandria. Rick and Carol felt that the community won’t be able to survive against those walkers or the other survivors groups, so in order to save the community they forcefully tried to get control over the community. This season came out with 16 episodes.


The Walking Dead Season 6

The community that was living in the Alexandrian safe zone trusted Rick for their survival. But they made some sounds due to which a huge group of walkers started surrounding the Alexandria. The walls of Alexandria was not so strong due to which they started falling after one day only because of the attack by the walkers, this made the residents trapped inside the safe zone. Carl tried to escape but was unsuccessful and also lost an eye along with deaths of several other members. The people who were dead during the escape were Deanna etc. Rick thought that they should build a stronger survivor community in order to fight those Walkers. Few months later the community started facing shortage of food and they meet a person who offered them food and medicine with exachange of mercenary services.


The Walking Dead Season 7

Negan killed few people brutally with the help of his baseball bat. Negan arrived at the safe earlier than expected and looted most of stock of food and arms from the community. After few days Carl tried to execute negan but failed to do so.  These were the seasons summary of the walking dead which seems to be quite interesting.


Watch The Walking Dead Online – Full Episodes

Now coming to the ways in which we can stream the walking dead online – As you might know that the latest season of the walking dead is live that is season 7, and you can easily watch the premiere of the latest season or any older season on your phone, table , computer etc. There can be two ways in order to watch the walking dead, first with cable subscription and another without cable subscription.


You can easily watch almost each and every season or any particular episode without cable subscription using sling TV.


What is sling TV?

Sling TV is an online streaming service that helps the users to watch there favorite channels but on monthly based fees. You can even watch live TV, which will cost you about 20$ each month. But, if you don’t want to spend money on this then you can use the 7 days free trial which is given by sling TV itself. There is a service from sling TV that is sling TVs orange service that allows the user to watch the walking dead premiere without using any kind of debit or credit card.


(And Start Watching The Walking Dead Episodes In HD)


You can sign-up for sling free orange service, and you can watch full season’ of the walking dead for free. For sign-up you have to visit their website and simply sign up with your email address and a password whichever you like, you can either download the sling application on your devices like tablets or phone or you can directly watch on computer. After redirecting to the website you simple have to select your device that means whether is a MacBook or a PC. You can download sling application on ChromeCast, ZTE and Xbox one also.


If you have cable subscription then follow the steps in order to stream the walking dead :


If you have cable subscription then you can easily watch the walking dead full episodes online and for free. For that, firstly you have to sign in with the help of email address and password, then you can choose the cable subscription which you have and then after some proper verification. The process will let you sign in automatically after detecting your cable network. Sometimes this process is not find automatically, so in order to complete this you have to fill the username of the cable and also the password in order to successfully complete the process.


If you wish to watch the latest episode of walking dead then you can watch it on your mobile device also. The episode will be up after exactly one day of live stream on air. If you don’t have any cable subscription then don’t feel sad, just purchase the season or particular episode which you want to watch through Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.


You can watch premiere of the walking dead on your mobile device too with a number of application that you can access from apple store, Google Play Store or even Windows Store. For this you will be required with a cable subscription for sure. But mates don’t worry because we have got you all covered up as we are going to have a look into the vastness of the walking dead series and help you to get along with it. We are here to provide you streaming service for the walking dead.

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